[ Long-term collaborative project ]


The goal is to establish a dialogue between craftsmen of Purepecha origin, based in Rosarito, Baja California, who create piñatas to export to the US; cultural agents from Michoacan, Mexico and Los Angeles, California.


The project involves the production of collaborative art pieces made by the participants that can also become part of the gallery exhibition content. In addition, the whole process of the project will be documented in video, audio and still photography to make a documentary short film and also use the assets as gallery exhibition materials.


Phase One


Creativity and self-representation workshop with four families of artisans from the Purepecha community of Rosarito, Baja California, to create a series of piñatas representing the culture and feel of the community, as well as a documentary film to record the process and have a glimpse of each family’s daily life.

Status: Done


Watch trailer


Phase Two


Exploration, research and creation of networks that have potential to develop a fair trade market for the sale of piñatas in Los Angeles.


Discussion groups that serve as marketing research tools to target a customer base for the piñatas.


Creation of a trend book (made with video, audio and ph ography) compiling the gathered information so the families of artisans can use it when making their own designs.


Collaboration with artisans and potential customers to develop a distribution channel to export the piñatas.

Status: Ongoing


Phase three


Presentation of the process and results of the project as a multilayered archive that can go from a poetry reading to visuals or data driven content.

Time frame: January-June 2017


About the piñatas artisans


250 native Purepecha families live in Rosarito, Mexico. More than two decades ago they came to this city from the Island of Janitzio, Michoacan, and have managed to maintain their language and traditions alive. After migrating North, most families learned to make piñatas as a source of livelihood.






Piñatas de Rosarito

[ Proyecto colaborativo de largo plazo ]


El objetivo es establecer un diálogo con los artesanos de origen purépecha que viven en Rosarito, Baja California y producen piñatas para exportar a Estados Unidos; agentes culturales de Michoacán, México y Los Ángeles, California.

El proyecto implica la producción de piezas artísticas realizadas colaborativamente por los participantes que a su vez pueden ser parte del contenido de la exhibición de la galería.

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